Φωτογραφίες από την ιστοσελίδα της NASA

30-05-2010  Moons and Rings Before Saturn

31-05-2010  Heart and Soul Nebulas in Infrared

01-06-2010  A Twisted Meteor Trail Over Tenerife

02-06-2010  Jupiter from the Stratosphere

03-06-2010  Hubble Remix: Active Galaxy NGC 1275

06-06-2010 Comet McNaught Becoming Visible to the Unaided

11-06-2010  Hydrogen in M51

13-07-2010 Welcome to Planet Earth

14-07-2010 Easter Island Eclipse

15-07-2010 Andes Sunset Eclipse

18-08-2010 Crescent Moon and Planets Over Portugal